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Seafarers International House - Supporting Charity

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2023 is the year of Seafarers International House's 150th anniversary, celebrating fifteen decades of uninterrupted services to over 2 million seafarers and immigrants since 1873. 

Our services are more urgently needed today than ever before. From merchant mariners caught in the crew change crisis of a pandemic and supply chain disruptions, to refugees from Afghanistan and Ukraine needing a safe place to be, to asylum seekers arbitrarily transported from the southern border to New York City – Seafarers International House always stands ready to serve.

Seafarers International House offers pastoral/spiritual care, hospitality, social work assistance, and advocacy to a multi-national and multi-faith community in four ports (Albany, Baltimore, New Haven, New York & New Jersey), and in New York City. 

In 2022, SIH served 19,943 people. This includes boarding 1,368 vessels, visiting 15,135 seafarers and transporting 1,701 to malls and medical facilities. Donors and volunteers set a record by assembling 2,915 Christmas-at-Sea satchels.  SIH also provided 2,301 lodging nights (at rented space at a different mid-town hotel and the Markle Residence) assisting 169 seafarers and 23 migrants.