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Exhibiting & Sponsoring at CMA Shipping

Where maritime professionals come to source, research - and buy.

Key decision and policy makers in one place, at one time. 

Business is all about people and CMA Shipping brings together the full spectrum of the global maritime industry to meet in North America.

Make a real and long-lasting impact with your target audience

Generate New Leads

Differntiate Your Brand

Boost Your Expsoure

Connect and do business with a global audience of decision-makers, government entities and buyers.

Seize a unique opportunity for your brand to communicate with your target audience and separate yourself from competitors.

Our extensive marketing campaign ensures your brand enjoys excellent visibility before, during and after the event

Exhibition Booth

*Limited Availability!
A chance to showcase your company's services and offerings on your own expo booth.

Increase your market penetration by meeting attendees and senior decision-makers who are influential in the procurement process. 

Make powerful connections with maritime organisations.

The people you meet at CMA Shipping are diverse and decisive - capable of putting your business on an upward trajectory of growth.

Previous attendees have a business activity of:

  • Product / Ship Service Provider
  • Ship Owner / Ship Management 
  • Finance / Insurance / Legal
  • Training / Education / Recruitment / Talent Development
  • Sofware Provider / Telecommunications 
  • Logistics Provider / Freight Forwarder / Operations 
  • Bunkering 

"The best shipping event in North America, if not the world"

- Barry Parker, BDP1 Consulting Ltd