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The Cayman Islands Red Ensign can be seen on the stern of a myriad of vessels around the globe. A member of the Red Ensign Group with Category 1 status, Cayman Registry has the capability of registering vessels of any size and description and focuses on maintaining the highest standards. It is distinguished by the quality of the owners who have made the Cayman Islands their flag of choice.   The Cayman Registry offers unparalleled customer service with a global network of highly professional and experienced support personnel. Maintaining the head office in George Town, Grand Cayman, two regional offices in Southampton, United Kingdom and Singapore along with two representative offices based in London, United Kingdom and Ft. Lauderdale, USA; the Cayman Registry also has representatives located in Australia, France, Greece, Holland, Japan, Jersey, New Zealand, Panama, Philippines, and Spain.   Established in 1903, the Cayman Registry operates a high-quality shipping registry, in a jurisdiction operating one of the most modern and comprehensive legal frameworks that exists today for shipping and maritime administration in the world.  Maintaining the top White list rankings globally in the leading MOUs on Port State Control reflect the quality of the vessels on the Cayman Registry’s fleet. The flag’s outstanding Port State Control Record has ensured it maintains White List, low-risk status on the Paris MOU, and on the Tokyo MOU. The Cayman Registry also maintains low-risk status under the United States Coast Guard’s Quality Shipping for the 21st Century (QUALSHIP 21) Program. These high-performance accomplishments reflect that the vessels registered in the Cayman Islands are considered some of the safest, most compliant vessels around the world. For added safety, Cayman-flagged vessels also have full British Consular Services and Royal Naval assistance offering worldwide protection. The Cayman Islands flag and its safety requirements are seen as the gold standard in the shipping industry. The Cayman Registry services offered include: vessel plan approval -- detailed plan review services and guidance in support of the Survey and Certification for vessels (irrespective of choice of flag); construction supervision -- attendance at key strategic points during the new build phase to ensure compliance and provide additional guidance; maritime consultancy services -- offering innovative solutions delivering cost-effective consulting on various issues through informed and efficient expertise, and crew compliance -- ensuring a ship is safely manned and the crew properly trained, certificated and medically fit. Other advantages include: 24/7 client service coverage through a global network of 13 geographic locations; a wide range of ownership structures, including individual, joint, company, and shipping entities; vessel registration options including full, interim, provisional, under construction, and demise charter (bareboat), and the registration of associated mortgages; the benefit of an international Shipowners’ Advisory Council and a national Maritime Sector Consultative Committee of leading maritime service providers; IMO participation through the United Kingdom Government; and consultative committee comprised of leading maritime industry professionals.  With Cayman Registry, clients enjoy the highest standard of service, expertise and efficiency. Today, over 2,300 vessels fly the Cayman flag.